Summit Medical
Medical & Scientific Refrigeration


  • Two digital thermostats ensure precise temperature control
  • High/low temperature alarms warn of fluctuations
  • 24 inch footprint offers full capacity in a slim fit
  • Added safety with a hospital grade plug and cord
  • Dual compressor for independent cooling of the freezer and refrigerator
  • Three slide-out drawers help bottom freezer maintain cold temperatures with an open door
  • Side-mounted locks for added security inside both compartments

AccuCold by Summit's CP171MED is a slim refrigerator-freezer fully featured for quality cooling for medical, laboratory, and scientific applications.

This bottom freezer unit is equipped with two compressors for independent cooling of each section, with a low maintenance auto defrosting refrigerator and an energy efficient manual defrost freezer. Three slide-out drawers help to prevent temperature fluctuations when the door is opened, ensuring freezer items remain stable.

Two digital thermostats are installed to offer the most precision in temperature management, with an alarm in each section to warn users of any unsafe temperature variations. A hospital grade cord with green dot plug is installed for added safety.

The CP171MED is conveniently sized under 24 inches wide but with a generous interior capacity. Adjustable stainless steel shelves with ventilation holes offer flexible storage, with door racks for added convenience. Both sections include a key lock.