Summit Medical
Medical & Scientific Refrigeration


  • 32 inch height for lower ADA counters
  • Unique two-door design in a compact 19 inch width
  • Zero degree freezer for trusted cold storage
  • Alarm warns of temperature variations while providing a digital display of interior temperature
  • Added safety with a hospital grade cord and plug
  • Two side locks protect both compartments

AccuCold by Summit Appliance offers a variety of compact refrigerator-freezers designed for medical or general purpose use in laboratory and scientific facilities.

The 32" high CP35LLMEDADA is a slim-fitting two-door refrigerator-freezer designed for freestanding use in settings complying with ADA guidelines. Two side-mounted locks protect contents in both sections.

The CP35LLMEDADA uses our innovative dual evaporator cooling to separately cool the refrigerator while maintaining a low temperature in the freezer. Cycle defrost provides automatic defrost of the refrigerator to save users on regular maintenance and manual defrost of the freezer to save energy and prevent freezer burn.

Special medical features include a temperature alarm complete with an external temperature display for users to monitor the interior without opening the door. A hospital grade cord and green dot plug add additional safety in sensitive areas. Door racks in both compartments facilitate easy storage.

With its advanced cooling system and two-door design, the CP35LLMEDADA offers easy-fit dimensions and energy efficient operation.